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Wizards of Weird: roadshow-menu

...Dare to embark on a road less traveled... To start your journey, stroll through the topic below... To learn more, click on the topic title...

A Bizarre Collection of Skinned Bodies
A Mummy who had an Impossible Surgery
Medical Anomalies, an Enormous Colon and other gross stuff...
The First Alien Abductees
The REAL Frankenstein
Preserved Human Bodies and Body Parts
The Strange Story of the Mummified Town Mascot
A Sick Love Affair
A Haunted Restaurant
Macabre Church of Bones
The Man Who Painted a Mountain
The Ghost of Mad Anthony Wayne
More Weird Anatomical Stuff, including some Unbelievable "art"
St. Bernadette's Body
A Castle Built by Aliens?
A Mailman's Dream
This English Ghost Story has a Pay Off
A Spine Chilling Collection of Hitler Memorabilia
Jim, the Psychic Dog
A Stuffed English Philosopher
Air Dried Monks on Display in the Czech Republic
Paintings from Beyond the Grave
Bone Lined Tunnels Beneath Paris
Robert the Possessed Doll
Another Spooky Doll (who won't allow her picture to be taken)
The Most Haunted HOUSE in the USA
Gettysburg Ghosts
A Chilling Collection of Torture Instruments
Disappearing Heads
The Murdering Butcher
The Real Jekyll and Hyde
Body Snatchers
The Most Haunted TOWN in the USA
The Theatre Ghost (who visited us while we were filming)
A Haunted Jail and an Inn with a Ghostly Guest